Dillons Headshot

Dillon Evert

Production Partner

Email: dillon.evert@fairwaymc.com

Office Phone: (720) 386-9321

Dillon has five years of experience in the mortgage industry gaining knowledge and experience in closings, origination and financial audit. His early days began working for title companies around the Denver Metro area after he wrapped up a career as a golf professional. He then moved into an Originator role where he managed a backlog of 100+ loans at any given time. Because he’s served buyers nationwide, Dillon has seen a plethora of different scenarios and has utilized multiple financing options to make the dream of homeownership a reality for his clients. He believes that building personal, professional and long-lasting relationships while setting folks up for long-term financial success is the most important part of the mortgage process.

In his free time, Dillon enjoys being on the golf course, watching sports, cooking and kayak fishing.