Agent Ignite Realtor Training is the Nation’s #1 Realtor Success Series

Are you wondering how you can make more money and create a competitive advantage for yourself, and your clients, in the ever-competitive real estate industry? Agent Ignite Realtor Training is the key to furthering your knowledge, establishing your expertise and positioning yourself as a go-to expert. We deliver new and relevant knowledge so you can expand your clientele, close more deals and ultimately increase income.

What is Agent Ignite Realtor Training?

NO OBLIGATION TRAINING: Market mastery, data breakdowns and featured guest speaker insight delivered every 3rd Thursday of the month will keep you on top of your game. Agent Ignite realtor training will educate you on current and forecasted market trends and offer valuable insight on real estate-related topics from accredited experts; giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

As a member of DMAR’s Market Trends Committee, an avid champion for building wealth through real estate, and a self-proclaimed data geek, Nicole will share market trends and commentary that will add value to you and your clients. See how industry statistics and market news can be used to help educate and motivate your buyers and sellers, and make you more money!

We are committed to your success and believe in the work you do. As a real estate agent, you play a key role in the home buyers’ experience, and we want to give you the tools to change lives.


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May Class – 1 hour CE Credit with First American Title, May 19, 2022

Have you been curious about the importance of Title Insurance? Do you understand what to look for in a commitment? What is a red flag? And do you have the ability to explain what title insurance covers? Well…then this class is for you! One hour (1 CE credit) review, where we’ll discuss these topics.

A great overview for ALL realtors both new and experienced.

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June Class – Retirement Mortgage with Gabe Bodner, June 16, 2022

Learn how a Retirement Mortgage strategy can get you MORE LISTINGS!

According to the U.S. Department of Housing And Urban Development (HUD), more than half a million households across the nation are using a HECM reverse mortgage. Here are a few things a reverse mortgage loan could help your clients with:

  • They could have a much improved financial situation.
  • Increase your client’s purchasing power and flexibility.
  • No monthly mortgage payments (taxes, insurance, and maintenance required).
  • Move closer to family, better weather or a more appropriate home.


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August Class – with Chief Economist at Development Research Partners, Patty Silverstein , August 18, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many changes in our economic system over the past two years. Now is the time to reset our business and household operations so that we can move forward with refreshed outlooks. Supplier challenges and worker shortages have led to rapidly rising costs, making renegotiations essential. Companies are reinventing how they use their physical space. Consumer spending, which was resilient throughout the pandemic as many household items were replaced, will likely shift back to historic growth levels. Housing affordability issues continue as our communities ponder how best to build and rebuild.

This presentation will discuss current and projected growth trends at the national, state, regional, and local levels. The presentation features employment and industry trends, population growth and consumer activity, and the residential and commercial real estate markets.

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