Agent Ignite Success Event: Wrangling the Power Personality

Online CO

This Master Class will show you how to wrangle the power personality client so you can help get them to where they want to go (and maintain your sanity along the way)!

The power personality can be very challenging for Realtors to deal with.  This is mostly because, more than anything, they want to be in control.

For the power person, control is like oxygen.  They will do anything to get it and keep it.

This presents a problem in the real estate transaction because it works best when you are in control.  When you are in firm control of the process, things go just fine.  When you are not, it’s messy.

In this class I will give you:

Signs to look for so that you know when you are dealing with a power person
The biggest power person traps to stay out of
Strategies to help you be in control so that you can best help your power personality client

Bottom line, you will be 100% prepared to help this type of client.

Your confidence should skyrocket knowing that when this kind of person comes along, you will be ready!