Helena headshot

Helena Vlahos

Production Partner

Helena Maria Vlahos was born and raised in Los Angeles CA where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from UCLA in 1994. She began her career working as a mortgage broker’s assistant fixing prospects credit and turning them into solid buyers. Over the last 20 years Helena has been in the finance industry helping people reach their dream of owning a home and there isn’t anything she’d rather be doing no matter how challenging the scenario may be. She sees obstacles as little hurdles that make you stronger and better for what’s to come. Additionally, you can catch Helena pounding and kicking bags because she works at a local family-owned gym teaching a kick boxing class every Tuesday night.

When Helena isn’t working, she plans and makes time for hiking, cycling, white water rafting, hitting the weights with a couple days of barre stretch and flex. To keep her sane, Helena likes to engage in obstacle course races that challenge and push her beyond her limits. She’s done over a dozen Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, several half marathons and Gladiator Rock n Run courses with a group of likeminded adventure seekers! Every other Saturday, Helena volunteers at ASPCA walking and giving love to animals needing permanent homes. She has two amazing children she loves and adores and likes to entertain her family and friends by having parties that involve her passion of cooking Greek food from scratch and unique little bites that are healthy yet tasty.