How I Got Started Owning 23 Investments . . . My Story

I get asked all the time.. how did I get started in real estate?  How did I get started owning 23 investments.  In honor of National Woman’s History Month, I would like to share my story of how I created multi-generational wealth through real estate.

Buying investment properties can be really scary and overwhelming and that alone stops most people.  I want to share my story because when you take this opportunity one step at a time and you can wrap your arms around the steps; you can start dreaming about the wealth you can build.   Owning real estate also gives you options.. more options than any other investment.  Options to cash out your equity, pull money out and let your tenants build it up again, or gift that equity to your children tax free.

Want to explore building your wealth through real estate?  Buying your first investment property?