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Our Process

1. Start with a Conversation
It’s easy to suggest a solution; but to suggest the right solution to secure your financial future… that takes a deeper conversation to understand what’s most important to you.
2. Complete a Loan Application
This is where we take your story and start to make it a reality. We assess eligibility and determine the best home price that meet your goals. This stage can take 10-45 minutes depending on your questions and results in a pre-qualification letter.
3. Meet with Real Estate Agent
It’s time to start looking at homes within your budget. Don’t have an Agent? Let us know and we will offer a list of highly qualified agents who will specialize in helping you find your dream home.
4. Review Documentation
During the Application stage, we will provide a list of documents needed. In a competitive market, you want the strongest lender letter possible. After reviewing the loan documents; we will upgrade your lender letter to a pre-APPROVAL letter… or better yet… our Earnest Money Guarantee pre-approval letter. Being pre-APPROVED sets you aside from the other offers.
5. Find the Perfect Home!
Whether it’s your first home, move up home, 2nd home, or a great investment… once you’ve found it, you know! This is where a lot of lenders drop the ball But, this is where the Rueth Team shines. We have a 100% closing rate because we do a great job of pre-approving our borrowers and setting them up for success. The Rueth Team has an incredible reputation in the real estate market… so listing agents know that when we are withing with you, this loan is going to the closing table!
6. Disclosures and Appraisal
Once under contract, we will disclose your loan, lock in your interest rate and order the appraisal. This is a busy time, so we need your help to ensure a successful launch of the loan process. We also utilize technology to make the process easy and eliminate stress.
7. Underwriting
Working with the top team at Fairway, we assure our clients speed and accuracy when it comes to the underwriting process. This is where our experience and problem solving works as an advocate for our clients.
8. Approved with Conditions to Clear to Close
Underwriters will review your documents and may ask for additional items to clarify the facts to ensure standards are met as defined by industry guidelines. We ensure you know exactly what we need so we can get that celebrated Clear to Close as quickly as possible. The Rueth Team wants you headed to the closing table packing boxes not worried about your loan.
9. Your Closing Disclosure
You will receive the “Initial Closing Disclosure” 3 days prior to closing. Once received; the title company and our closing department work together with a host of third parties to provide the “Final Closing Disclosure” 24-48 hours before the closing date.
10. Cash to Close
The Final Closing Disclosure reflects your required Cash to Close. The cash to close will need to be in “good funds” which is either a cashier’s check or a wire transfer from your bank.
11. Closing Day … and Time to Celebrate!
This is the day we have all been working towards and absolutely a reason to celebrate. We will work with your real estate agent, the title company and you to ensure our loan documents and loan funds are waiting for you 24 hours in advance. Many of our clients now take advantage of our e-closings … want to know if you are eligible, just ask!

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