No Grit, No Pearl

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Last month, we discussed whether you’re dreaming big enough, in my post, “How to Build Wealth in the New Year, and Beyond.” I asked you to think about your future, and whether it will be anything like your dream. Will you be worrying about finances and retirement savings, or will you be care-free and financially secure?

This month, we’re discussing the motivation needed to achieve your big dreams, and how to keep the New Year’s resolution-spirit a priority for you and your family. Commit to changing your habits incrementally, which will keep you committed to your resolution.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Practice learning to push through uncomfort with morning routines. Start small with making the bed. After a few weeks, add another routine like cooking breakfast. After another few weeks, get really uncomfortable by adding a workout routine. You won’t see progress immediately, but learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable will change your life perspective, and will translate to your financial New Year’s resolution.

I might be successful now leading the #1 Denver mortgage lender team in Colorado, but today’s success was earned through years of hard work, taking chances on myself when I was extremely uncomfortable, or – better yet – when I failed.

Absolutely no one will fault you for trying and failing. No success story is without failure, and for good reason: Failure is the greatest of teachers. You learn from your failures and become closer to achieving success with each new attempt. You can bet I had my share of failures, but I trusted myself to learn from them.

Likewise, start taking a chance on yourself by being a person of action. People often dream of greatness for themselves, yet think success will simply fall into their lap. No millionaire ever came to be without decisive action. Don’t be the person who wanders aimlessly into retirement; be the person who worked hard to meet their goals, who gets to live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

I have my own big dreams and goals for the new year. How do you think I’m planning to stay motivated? You guessed it: I’m up each morning at 4:30am working out. I committed to my goals and myself early on and remain so today, because when I feel content and comfortable, I’m no longer advancing.

As my regular “Agent Ignite” class attendees already know, people with written goals are 10 times more likely to succeed, and creating good daily habits will keep you committed to those goals. 2020 is going to be a roller coaster year with abundant opportunities for those who are ready, and The Rueth Team is ready for you to take the first step. As Denver’s top mortgage lending company, we’ll help you stay motivated throughout the year to achieve your dreams.