Our Process

Looking to enjoy the many benefits of homeownership? The Rueth Team is dedicated to securing a mortgage that enables you to enjoy your home and achieve financial security for years to come. Our mortgage specialists will guide you through the purchase process to ensure that you feel confident in your housing decision.


The first step on the path to homeownership is to spend some time with a Rueth Team mortgage specialist.  It’s easy to suggest a solution; but to suggest the right solution to secure your financial future… that takes a deeper conversation to understand what’s most important to you.  Give us a call today and we’ll take the time to make sure your  well on your way to building wealth through real estate.

Milestone 1 - Complete a Loan Application

Completing a loan application is the best way to start. We assess eligibility and determine the best loan options that meet your goals. This stage can take 10-45 minutes depending on your questions and results in a pre-qualification letter. Completing an application online is fast and easy..Just hit the Apply Now button below.  Or, if you prefer, call us directly and one of the mortgage specialists on the team can do an application for you in person.

Apply Now

During the Application stage, we will provide a list of documents needed. In a competitive market, you want the strongest lender letter possible. After reviewing the loan documents; we will upgrade your lender letter to a pre-APPROVAL letter… or better yet… our Earnest Money Guarantee pre-approval letter. Being pre-APPROVED sets you aside from the other offers.


Meet with Real Estate Agent

Knowing your options and with a lender letter in hand, it’s time to start looking at homes. Don’t have an Agent? Let us know and we will offer a list of highly qualified agents who will specialize in helping you find your dream home.

Find the Perfect Home!

Whether it’s your first home, move up home, second home, or a great investment… once you’ve found it, you know! This is where a lot of lenders drop the ball.   But, this is where we shine. The Rueth Team has an incredible reputation in the real estate market… so listing agents know that when we are working with you, this loan is going to the closing table!  In fact, when you submit your offer to purchase the home, let us know.  We will call the listing agent directly and share with them how strong you are as a buyer.  This “over the top” phone call gives the sellers and the listing agent confidence that you are well qualified and likely result in accepting your offer to go UNDER CONTRACT!!!

Milestone 2 - Processing Review

Once you are under contract, either your Loan Officer or your dedicated Client Manager will reach out to talk to you about next steps. From this point on, your Client Manager will become your main point of contact.

Your dedicated Client Manager will review and become familiar with your home loan application. At this stage in the process, the Client Manager’s focus is on clearing up any outstanding conditions, so Underwriting can approve your home loan application in the next step. Once they complete their review, your Client Manager will give you a ring or send you an email to go over the results. At this time, they will:

    • Explain the current status of your home loan application
    • Review any conditions associated with the loan application based on Underwriting’s findings
    • Set expectations and timelines

Keep in mind that at this stage, you have a lot of control over how quickly things move forward. Your Client Manager will be asking you for some additional information to help clear up the conditions – urgency here is key! The quicker you get documents and other requested information to your mortgage team, the quicker your file will be able to move on to the next step!

Milestone 3 - Underwriting Review

We assure our clients speed and accuracy when it comes to the underwriting process. This is where our experience and problem solving works as an advocate for our clients.

Underwriters will review your documents and may ask for additional items to clarify the facts to ensure standards are met as defined by industry guidelines. We ensure you know exactly what we need so we can get that celebrated Clear to Close as quickly as possible. The Rueth Team wants you headed to the closing table packing boxes not worried about your loan.

Milestone 4 - Loan Approval

By this stage, your home loan application has been officially approved to close by the Underwriting Team. Your Client Manager will reach out to you and share that you are CLEAR TO CLOSE.  We don’t think there are any three words than these.

Now, It’s time to prepare the final loan documents, get them to the closing agent, and facilitate the signing and funding of your home loan.

You will receive the “Initial Closing Disclosure” 3 days prior to closing. Once received; the title company and our closing team will work together with a host of third parties to provide the “Final Closing Disclosure” 24-48 hours before the closing date.

Your closing agent will reach out to you to schedule the signing of your final loan documents.

Milestone 5 - Loan Funded - Let's Celebrate!!

This is the day we have all been working towards and absolutely a reason to celebrate. We will work with your real estate agent, the title company and you to ensure our loan documents and loan funds are waiting for you 24 hours in advance.

The Final Closing Disclosure reflects your required Cash to Close. There might be a portion of funds you need to bring to the closing table and is referred to as the “Cash to Close”.  The cash to close will need to be in “good funds” which is either a cashier’s check or a wire transfer from your bank.


You Are Now A Homeowner!!

Home financing success! This is the part where you tell all your friends and family about your amazing experience working with The Rueth Team.

On occasion we will check in to make sure your current loan is still working for your wealth success.   We will want to visit annually to consider making modifications or refinancing.  Because, at the Rueth Team, we believe in being your trusted mortgage advisor for life.