Items Checklist

Applying for Your Retirement Mortgage: What You’ll Need

Please gather the documents (originals or copies) you will need to provide to apply for a Retirement Mortgage. Your prompt return of the indicated items will help us expedite you transaction. Your file will be reviewed by our processor at which time additional information may be requested.

Required Items on All Loans

  • Counseling Certificate signed by both Counselor and borrower.
  • Tax Bill for the most recent year – on all properties owned in the last 24 months.
  • Homeowners Insurance contact information – on all properties owned in the last 24 months.
  • HOA/PUD/Condo contact information – on all properties owned in the last 24 months.
  • State-issued Driver’s License or ID card not expired Social Security Card or 1099/W2 with complete Social Security number.
  • Income Documentation.

Social Security

  • Most recent Award Letter from Social Security.

Pension/Retirement Income

  • Pension verification letter stating how long benefit will last and monthly benefit amount or value of settlement.


  • 30 days’ pay stubs, 2 most recent years W2s.


  • 2 most recent years personal and business tax returns all pages.
  • YTD P&L for Schedule C Income.
  • YTD P&L and Balance Sheet for Schedule E Income except rental income.

Letters of Explanations for Credit

  • Letter of explanation for derogatory accounts on credit report- all lates in the last 24 months may subject file to LESA
  • Letter of explanation for all credit inquiries in the last 90 days (if applicable)
  • Letter of explanation for all additional addresses on credit report

Purchase Items Needed (if applicable)

  • Purchase contract with all pages and executed by all parties (if applicable).

The ONLY Interested party contributions allowed are as follows:

  • Fees required to be paid by a seller under state or local law.
  • Fees customarily paid by a seller in the subject property locality.
  • The purchase of the Home Warranty policy by the seller.
  • There can be no seller or realtor concessions and no lender credits.
  • Canceled earnest money check (front and back) and bank statement to show it cleared.
  • Home Inspection: if listed on contract, we must provide: all safety repairs must be fixed.
  • Amendatory Escape Clause and Real Estate Certification must be signed by all parties.
  • Letter of intent for current residence (selling it and using for down payment or keeping property.


Miscellaneous Items Needed (if applicable)

  • Payment plans for judgments or tax liens if not on title.
  • Payment plan with 3 consecutive payments paid on time.
  • OR Paid at time of closing with OWN funds.

Original Death Certificate

  • Has property been correctly transferred to correct owner (Probate)?
  • Complete copy of Trust papers. All borrowers must be beneficiaries or an amendment will be needed.

Engineer Certificate

  • Necessary for a manufactured home.

Closed-end Mortgage

  • No more than $500 cash at closing or need to wait 12 months to close.

Shared Well

  • Copy of the shared well agreement and recent water test.

Non-borrowing Spouse

  • State Issued Driver’s License or ID card not expired
  • Social Security Card or 1099/W2 with complete Social Security number
  • Credit authorization (if applicable)
  • Need to complete counseling


  • Copy of the Divorce decree.


  • From last refinance or purchase if opened in the last 12 months.


  • Payoff plus all other liens and closing costs can’t exceed 60% of the principal limit if opened in the last 12 months or the borrower will need to bring funds to close to reduce the UPB to 60% of the principal limit.

Community Well/Septic

  • Contact information for the organization managing the well or septic.

Private Roads and Shared Driveways

  • Permanent recorded easements.
  • Ownership interest, OR Be owned and maintained by a homeowners association (HOA).
  • Shared driveways do NOT require a joint maintenance agreement. The legal description of the property must include the recorded easement documenting the ingress and egress that protect access to the road.

This material is not provided by, nor was it approved by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) or by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). It is not intended to be a substitute for legal, tax or financial advice. Consult with a qualified attorney, accountant or financial advisor for additional legal or tax advice.

*There are some circumstances that will cause the loan to mature and the balance to become due and payable. The borrower(s) must continue to pay for property taxes and insurance and maintain the property to meet HUD standards or risk default. Credit is subject to age, minimum income guidelines, credit history, and property qualifications. Program rates, fees, terms and conditions are not available in all states and subject to change.