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Smart Ways To Help Teachers & First Responders Buy A Home

It’s no surprise that in Colorado, home prices are rising and higher than many other parts of the country.  For those who have invested in property, this can be a really great thing about the market.  However, for many people, the gap between their income and what they need to get into a home is getting larger and larger.  That’s why financial assistance can be a great option for so many home buyers.  That’s also why we make such an effort to offer assistance to people like teachers and first responders.

Educate Our State

Did you know? In a 2018 study by Redfin, 11.5 percent of all homes for sale across 28 metros were affordable on an average teacher’s salary of $62,860. Now, let’s take a look at our own state.  There are over 53,500 teachers in the state of Colorado!  Consider how much work and how important the role is of a teacher and then think about over fifty three THOUSAND people who could be making better use of their monthly living expenses by earning equity instead of paying rent.

Protect Our Assets

There are over 820,000 licensed and credentialed EMS professionals in the United States and over 1.1 million personnel working in our police departments!  Don’t those who protect our communities deserve a chance to live and own in those communities too?  We think so!

Committed To Your Success

That’s why we’re proud to offer our special programs for financial assistance to teachers and first responders like we offered in September 2018 ($750 bonus toward closing costs or the cost of appraisals).  Even if it’s after September 30, talk to our team because we know the ins and outs of all the state and federal financial assistance programs available to first-time home buyers, military or veterans, or those with other special financial situations.

Trust us, we KNOW that feeling of discouragement, thinking you’ll never be able to get into your dream home, or out of the renting cycle.  It can feel hard to see so many others purchase homes, while you’re still giving your money away in rent.  The very best thing you can do, though, is get educated and find out what financial assistance options are available to you.  And who better to trust than a team that literally has seen it all!

The Rueth Team is part of the Fairway Mortgage company and has been providing mortgage and home loan services for over 17 years.  We are the top 1% of mortgage producers in the nation and consistently a top producer in Fairway Mortgage.  We find the solutions other lenders simply can’t (or won’t). We make a commitment to each borrower, fulfilling it with hard work, constant communication and creative problem-solving.

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