Stop Checking In

image of an elderly woman looking at a computer screen

Nobody likes to be checked in on because everybody is busy…right?  So how do you stay in front of your clients when your buyers can’t get under contract and your sellers won’t move? This is not a perfect list, but it’s a start.. and I challenge you to take 15 minutes and see if you can grow this list and make it your own.  Don’t do it on the fly, have a pre-planned set of ideas to talk to your clients about or fill a newsletter with.  There are so many topics to talk about these days, coming up with a door opener shouldn’t be a show stopper!

Here is the start of an idea list…

  • ​Share appreciation numbers for the neighborhood .. DMARs Quarterly Zip Code Price Growth Chart showing 2020 numbers is ready and uploaded to our Agent Ignite FB Group.  What a great thing to share!
  • Share shows to pending, shows per listing, time on market, sold over list, available number of listings per households and other data from REColorado, Infosparks, and US Census
  • Invite them to our Building an Investment Empire class.. have enough people?  Let’s schedule your own!
  • Invite them to a 2021 Projections Event (I’m happy to put one together for you) or Monthly Market Update class
  • Do a monthly update video and email to your database
  • Invite past clients to share their home buying experience via VidHug
  • Do videos touring neighborhoods and small businesses.. those businesses will love you!
  • Invite them to share how they updated their COVID Castles.. their kitchen, backyard, and office remodels for your blog
  • Send out maps of bike trails, parks, dog parks, 14ners, etc.. all the things they can still do
  • Send out information on upgrading features for sustainability or the latest technology
  • Do a neighborhood .. coat drive, trash pickup, food drive… walk the neighborhood
  • Send out cool infographics like the one below from John Burns Real Estate Consulting and ask them to pick their top 3

Let me know what you added to the list!!  Let’s keep this growing.

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