Once you decide you want to start investing in real estate; the first step is so hard.  It’s hard to determine if you are ready, what are the risks, what if you fail?  So I want to break this down into bite size pieces.

1. Be Prepared – have your financial health assessed and optimized
2. Define your goals – know where you are going.  if you don’t know this.. STOP.  Knowing your goals helps you define a good or bad investment
3. Seek wise counsel – make sure you have an A Team around you.. people that are supporting you and have your back.
4. Develop a plan – know what steps you need to take, which properties to buy first, then second, what timeline to follow, etc
5. Be adaptable – markets shift.  Don’t be so rigid that you can’t take advantage of changing opportunities.

Want to learn more about how to utilize real estate in your investment plan?  Give me a call today!  We would love to go to work for you.