The Rueth Team

Denver’s Top Mortgage Team

We Believe in sleeping better at night knowing you’ve built financial diversity, security and multigenerational wealth. We believe in the power of real estate.

We do this by supporting those who seek our help with trusted advice, proven strategies, and an unwavering dedication to deliver excellence regardless of the difficulties that may arise.

We are a mortgage team who is enthusiastically committed to providing the gateway into real estate heightened by remarkable client experience..

A driven focus on client success has earned Nicole Rueth and her team the distinction of being:

#1 Originator in Colorado;
Top 100 Nationally in
Mortgage Executive

OneTrust Home Loans

Named a multi-year 5280
Magazine’s Five Star Professional

Nicole Rueth

Branch Manager, SVP

Nicole Rueth has been passionately advising clients on their wealth building and home financing strategies for over 17 years. Her path has been as non-conventional as it is a benefit to her clients.

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Peters Picture

Peter Rueth
Integrations Manager

After working for 18 years on some of the most technically complex and multi-million dollar deals, Peter brings his financial acumen to help our clients navigate retirement management plans through the utilization of a reverse mortgage.

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Gabe Bodner
Retirement Mortgage Specialist

Gabe has been a mortgage professional for 19 years and has experienced many different aspects of the mortgage lending industry as a mortgage banker, broker, sales manager, branch manager and branch owner

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Tamara Bodner
Retirement Mortgage Business Development Manager

Tamara graduated from the University of San Diego in 1995 with a BA in Diversified Liberal Arts with a Bilingual Education emphasis and a minor in Business Administration.

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Eric Long
Sales Manager

Eric joined The Rueth Team as its Sales Manager in February 2021. Born and raised in Colorado he worked his way up in banking after beginning as a teller in 2008.

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Emily Krutsinger
Operations Manager

Emily Krutsinger joined The Rueth Team in 2015 as a licensed loan officer and production partner. She has over 6 years’ experience in mortgage operations. Emily helps tackle any processing or underwriting hurdles that arise throughout the mortgage journey.

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Cara Nelson
Loan Officer Assistant

Cara Nelson joined the Rueth Team in July of 2017 as Nicole’s Executive Assistant and the Rueth Team’s Office Administrator.

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Adam Williams
Lead Generation Manager

Adam Williams has spent the last 9 years in the real estate and mortgage industries.

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Robbin Harrington

Robbin Harrington joined The Rueth Team in 2018 as a Senior Loan Processor. She has over 20 years’ experience in mortgage processing. Robbin specializes in processing all types of residential home loans. She also is phenomenal in restructuring loans that “can’t be done”. Her passion is processing home loans for first time buyers, and buyers looking to build wealth. When she is not working, her hobbies include: cooking, shopping, traveling, swimming, and spending time with both of her children

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Karas Picture

Kara Palffy
Business Development Manager

Kara Palffy joined the Rueth Team in March of 2020 as the Business Development Specialist. She spent the last four years in the health industry setting up educational events and programs for doctors. She also consulted with staff on how best to care for patients while helping the business run efficiently.

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Belindas Picture

Belinda Evans

Belinda has over 25 years’ experience in the real estate/mortgage industry, beginning at a title company in 1994 and moving to mortgage in 2001. She began as a closer and in 2011, soon finding her niche as a loan processor.

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Samantha Morse
Executive Assistant

Samantha enthusiastically joined The Rueth Team in September of 2020. She spent the better part of 10 years working in the healthcare industry coordinating multiple levels of care for patients and managing clinic staff. She decided to enter the world of mortgage lending as a new and exciting challenge and is looking forward to learning all she can about the industry. Samantha and her husband are both Denver natives and enjoy spending their free time playing all types of games and/or cuddling with their cats.

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Yessicas Picture

Yessica Amaya

Yessica is from Colorado, she was out in California for 7 years and in 2018 decided to move back home. She has been with the Rueth team since Feb 2020, before that she was working with the Fairway Corporate Closing department.

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Johns Picture

John Barnett

John graduated from Indiana University in 2017 and joined the fitness and wellness industry, working beside physical therapists as a rehabilitation specialist. Moving to Colorado Springs in July of 2018, he continued in the fitness industry, working as a nutrition and wellness councilor for a weight loss facility. Taking his career and professional success and deciding to change industries was a hard decision to make, but he saw opportunity in the robust Colorado housing market and took a leap of faith in himself to make the change. Joining the Rueth team has only solidified that he has made the right choice by joining the best group of people in any industry. In Johns free time he enjoys cycling, fishing, golfing, reading and trivia.

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Ibeth Pasillas Avecedo
Loan Officer Assistant

Ibeth was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in 2018 majoring in Business Management and Human Resources. After spending years working in retail and car rental, she is excited to join The Rueth Team as their newest operations assistant and to learn more about the real estate industry. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, attending concerts, and spending time with family and in particular her 2-year-old son Liam.

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Gina Mejia
Lead Generation Coordinator

I started working at 14 years old in different hospitality and customer service roles. I then worked in the Healthcare Administration field for four years. I intentionally shifted my professional career into the banking and financial services field for the last four years.

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Morgan headshot resize

Morgan Boyer
Production Partner

Morgan joined The Rueth Team in July 2021.

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ashleigh headshot

Ashleigh Gutierrez
Senior Marketing Specialist

Ashleigh specializes in Sport & Entertainment Marketing, and joined The Rueth Team in July 2021 to bring new and dynamic development opportunities to life.

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Nick Walford
Retirement Mortgage Loan Officer Assitant

Nick Walford joined the Rueth Team in July of 2021 as a Retirement Mortgage Production Partner in the Boulder office.

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jasmine headshot

Jasmine Martinez
Loan Officer Assistant

Jasmine joined the Rueth Team in October of 2021 as an Operations Assistant.

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karsten headshot

Karsten Nguyen
Branch IT Specialist

Karsten joined the Rueth Team in November of 2021 as the Branch IT Specialist.

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alex mendez headshot

Alex Mendez
Closing Specialist

Alex joined the Rueth Team in December of 2021 as an Closing Specialist.

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Nick D headshot

Nick DeMiro
Production Partner

Janett started at The Rueth Team as a processing assistant in April of 2022.

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Nick D headshot

Janett Martinez
Processing Assistant

Janett started at The Rueth Team as a processing assistant in April of 2022.

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Nick D headshot

Chase Haberman
Production Assistant

Chase Haberman found his passion for helping families through the mortgage process in 2016, and added it to Fairway’s passion for the same in June of 2022.

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Nick D headshot

Matt Thomason
Production Partner

Matt has been in the mortgage industry for over six years, in the Financial Industry for 31 years and joined The Rueth Team as a Production Partner in June 2022

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Nick D headshot

Brian Manley
Loan Production Assistant

Brian was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. He graduated from Vassar College in 2018. After a few years of working in sales and marketing, he decided to get licensed and pursue a career in the mortgage industry. Brian is excited to learn and grow with The Rueth Team. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, skiing, live music and cheering on the Buffalo Bills.

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