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In a world where financial stability is paramount, I’m here to guide you on a journey from novice to real estate mogul, and we’ve got an exciting format to make it work for you!

Join me for a unique learning experience where every second Thursday of the month, we’ll meet in person for Class 1: RE Investing Basics 1-hour class. Get ready to network and learn face-to-face!

But that’s not all! Every fourth Thursday of the month, you can join us from the comfort of your home via Zoom, for Class 2: A 1-hour session on Financing Options and Purchasing.

Following Class 1 and 2, you’ll complete your journey via our Online Class Portal!

What you can expect from Simple Wealth:

  • Comprehensive insights into the real estate market.
  • Proven techniques to build a real estate portfolio from scratch.
  • Expert guidance on making sound investment decisions.
  • Insider tips to maximize profits and minimize risks.
  • The power to turn your dreams of financial independence into reality.

Excited yet? We are!

Simple Wealth: Real Estate Investing Masterclass One

Class One will cover THE BASICS of real estate investing: What It Is, Different Types of Investments, Why Real Estate, Pros and Cons, etc.

  • Next class: March 14 at 6:00pm!

Simple Wealth: Real Estate Investing Masterclass Two

Class Two will take your investing mindset to the next level.  Building on the foundation of Class One, Simple Wealth Class 2 dives into the details of finding an investment, building your A-Team, strategic financing options, financial analysis, and legal/protection structure…and more.

  • Next class: February 29th at 6:00pm!
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