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Agent Ignite

The Nation’s #1 Agent Success Series

Agent Ignite empowers you to deepen your understanding, solidify your authority, and secure your position as your clients’ lifelong real estate advisor. By providing fresh and pertinent insights, we enable you to broaden your client base, finalize more transactions, and ultimately, boost your earnings.

Join us for every 3rd Thursday from 11am to 12:30pm

Below is a look at the amazing lineup of Topics and Presenters for 2024.

2024 Line Up

May 16th

Dax Hamman, Fomo.AI

Artificial Intelligence for Real Estate Agents

Dive into the transformative power of AI in real estate. We will present an introduction to leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance market analysis, client communication, and property matchmaking. Explore the essentials of machine learning, predictive analytics, and chatbots to streamline operations and personalize client interactions. You will gain practical skills to implement AI tools, boosting efficiency and competitiveness in the market. Ideal for agents at any tech level, helping professionals close deals faster and elevate your service offerings.

June 20th

John Dovenbarger

BPO’s & Other Revenue Generators

Get ready to unlock a new revenue stream in real estate! John Dovenbarger, a seasoned expert on the ins and outs of Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), will share how you can leverage your market expertise to earn additional income by performing BPOs. Gain insights into the process, learn best practices, and understand how to tap into this lucrative opportunity to boost your earnings and expand your professional skill set.

July 18th

Craig O’Boyle, The Assumption Solutions Team

Assumable Mortgages

Learn how Assumable Mortgages can help your business grow!

george august ignite headshot

August 15th

George Vrban

Unlocking the Power of Reverse Mortgages

Join us for an informative session on maximizing retirement solutions for your clients. George will share the basics and benefits of reverse mortgages, including how they can provide financial stability for retirees. We will explore scenarios that illustrate how to effectively sell the reverse for purchasing a home. Additionally, you’ll discover how incorporating reverse mortgages into your offerings can expand your home sales while making a measurable impact on your clients’ retirement quality. This session is designed for professionals eager to enhance their service offerings and significantly improve their clients’ retirement planning.

September 19th

Montell Watson

Impact Lending

Back by popular demand!!  Montell Watson the Director of Diversity Lending and Strategic Partnerships. He is passionate about making homeownership more equitable and accessible for all people. He also sits on the board of the Movement schools and focuses on expanding educational opportunities to our most underserved parts of the city. Lastly, he and his wife have 4 kids and own several business where they focus on combing lifestyle and empowerment to encourage others to be their best self through social influence and healthy living.

valerie garcia ignite

October 17th

Valerie Garcia

We Need More Cake!

Learning to celebrate our mess and show up authentically is one of the most important and effective ways to create healthier workplaces, happier customers, and better teams. I’ll show you how to use your story, your emotions, and especially your struggles to create work that matters and serve your clients and teams with purpose.

November 15th-17th

Nicole Rueth & Justin Knoll

Prosperity & Growth Summit

This is no ordinary “goal setting” event.  It’s about prosperity and growth!

Join us for a transformative 3-day experience at the breathtaking Broadmoor Resort and Spa from November 15th to November 17th.  This summit is your ticket to unlocking the keys to personal and business success. Over these three days, you will go deep into creating your personal definition of prosperity.  We’ll bring all the tools  to help you create a vision so strong that it pulls you to it.


Happy Holidays!

See you in 2025!

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