5 Questions Homebuyers Need to be Asking


Did you know 32% of all home buyers are first time home buyers? Making the decision to buy verses rent is a hard one and sometimes it’s the non-financial reasons that hold us back, like am I ready, where do I begin, what makes a good buy?  It’s critical when making a decision this big to have a strong A Team. The right Realtor and Lender who you feel have your back; helping you make the best decision for your family.

As a first time home buyer; I wanted to give you 5 questions you should be asking your A Team. Things you might not have known were even an option… beyond what’s the rate and fees.

  • What kind of concessions can I get from the seller?  it’s true! You can get concessions in this balancing market
  • When does my earnest money go hard?  and what does that even mean?
  • When should you and who’s responsible for ordering the inspections and what inspections are appropriate?
  •  What’s included in my monthly payment for this home?
  • What’s included in the home?

Real Estate financing in a way that builds long term wealth is what our team does best!   Want to learn more about how to utilize real estate in your investment plan?  Give me a call today to get started!  We want your success as much as you do!