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13 Reasons The Housing Market Remains Strong

Just The Facts Ma'am Buyers are entering into a time when they have an incredible advantage.  But it doesn't feel good.  It feels unaffordable and even unsafe.  I've had a number of real estate agents reach out asking .. how…

Rates Could and Probably Should Bounce Back Up

Only Time Will Tell We’ve been talking about this CPI report (November report on October data) on our weekly market updates for months now.  In fact, there may not be another future installment of economic data that we've ever focused…

Job Numbers Shock The Market

A Little Holiday, A Little Savings Making A Big Impact Jobless Claims, ADP Jobs, NFP Jobs, Unemployment… busy and confusing Friday.  Unemployment increased by .1% to 3.7%; mostly due to household jobs numbers going down by 328,000, mostly 45-54 year…

Best Time to Buy, A Conversation Starter

When is the best time to buy? just released research results showing what week is the best time for a buyer to buy. Also, see why today's market might be the best time for someone to build. And, we are gonna deliver the!
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