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Building Equity Through Rental Property Investing in Denver

Denver's real estate market has been on the rise for several years, making it an attractive location for investors looking to generate passive income through rental properties. Rental property investing involves purchasing a property with the intention of generating income…

Good Buy or Good Bye? What is Good Cash Flow. When someone asks, “Is this property a good buy?” Or “Should I be saying goodbye and invest elsewhere?” It’s not as easy as giving a quick yes or no. Most of the time there's not a straightforward answer because…

Get More Listings | How to boost your real estate sales using different loan products!

We know how competitive the Denver Real Estate Market is right now. Demand remains strong, while inventory sits low. So, how can real estate agents get more listings? AN HECM FOR PURCHASE. This strategy can help those aging in place get out of a home and into something more age appropriate. This real estate tool can be very useful to buyers and sellers, while helping increase inventory.

How to Qualify for More in the Denver Real Estate Market by Buying Down the Rate

On the lending side of home buying, we have tons of options to help you qualify for a higher loan in the Denver Real Estate Market. The Denver Market is insanely competitive and you may have your eye on a home that's slightly above your price range. If so, it might make sense for you to buy down the interest rate! This can increase affordability and may help you qualify for a higher loan... I KNOW, CRAZY!

Your Investment Strategy Starts Here Last week we talked about defining your retirement income goals using real estate investments and a big picture view of how to achieve it. Now I want to narrow the lens and look step by step on how to…

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