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Advice For Aspiring Realtors®

Advise for Aspiring Realtors

Realtors® are integral members of a community. They help people find, buy and sell their dream homes through their firm understanding of the market and by nurturing a robust personal network of relationships. Being a Realtor is a fulfilling and passion-driven profession that makes a significant contribution to people’s lives. If you are considering becoming a real estate agent or just want to freshen up on your skills, let’s review some tips and advise for aspiring realtors: 


Keeping your finger on the pulse of the housing market, improving your offering as a real estate expert and continually sharpening your personal development is critical and often required to succeed. Here are but a few of the resources at your disposal: 

Develop Your Client Base

You can’t help people achieve their homeownership goals if no one knows who you are. Expanding your network, defining your brand and putting yourself in front of your target audience is critical to developing a list of clients who keep you on speed dial. 

  • Ask everyone for referrals.
    • The National Association of Realtors® states that 39% of sellers found their agents through a referral from friends or family, and 24% used their agent twice or more. Also, 69% of sellers and 70% of buyers say they’d use the same agent again. 
    • Ask family and friends.
    • Go above and beyond to stand out.
    • Write a thank you card to each referral source and show extra appreciation for your most frequent referrers.
  • Distill your brand
    • What’s your niche? Who’s your target audience? How will you help them?
    • In my Mortgage Professional America article, read more about my specialty of helping people build wealth through real estate.
    • I encourage you to find what lights you up and jump in.
    • Be realistic about what makes you different. Every single Realtor says they are good at building relationships. That’s like a superhero saying they’re good at fighting crime. 
  • Marketing
    • Social Media – Develop a bio that clearly defines who you are and who you serve. Running social media ads with a call-to-action of “Message me” is a great way to develop inbound queries.
    • Lead Generation – Explore digital tools and run an open house. Put out a clipboard requesting contact information from potential buyers.
    • Mail tokens of your appreciation directly to clients and referral sources.
    • Develop a logo and email signature.
      • Note: Use an email address that you own rather than one supplied by your brokerage.
      • If you leave, you retain a form of contact that many of your clients know. And you have access to all the data. 
    • Follow-up!
      • Reach out to your clients or open house attendants a few days after showing them a home.

Partnering With a Mortgage Lender

Partnering with a dependable lender is critical to providing a positive experience for your clients. As the #1 Mortgage Lender in Colorado with over 20 years of lending experience, my team and I will get your homebuyers to close on time, if not early, and will walk them through every step of the home loan process.

If you’re just beginning your journey, we hope you found this advise for aspiring realtors useful. Or if you’re just here sharpening your saw, I hope you discovered a few extra resources.

The Rueth Team is always happy to help you understand the other side of your business, so give us a call at 303.214.6393 with any questions and best of luck with your professional journey.

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