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Be The Hailstorm Superhero!

Yet another reason to reach out to your databaes.

With one real estate agent leaving the business every 3 minutes; you have an incredible opportunity to position yourself as the all-knowing, multi-tasking, everything real estate bad ass. The recent storms in Colorado may present yet another opportunity to stay top of mind with past and prospective clients. You can be hailed as heroes (pun intended) in the eyes of your clients. Let’s dive into how you can help clients navigate the process of securing insurance money through mortgage companies after a colossal hail storm. No need to make a boring topic boring; let’s have some fun giving you a marketing masterpiece for your database. Buckle up…let’s go!

Be the Insurance Whisperer:

Picture this: a hail storm of epic proportions strikes your clients’ properties, leaving behind a trail of dented roofs, trees down, yards a mess. As a real estate agent, you have the power to be their insurance whisperer! Guide them through the labyrinth of claims, helping them navigate the treacherous waters of mortgage companies. It’s time to put those negotiation skills to good use!

Embrace the Role of Documentarian Extraordinaire:

In the aftermath of a hail storm, become a master documentarian. Arm yourself with a camera and capture the evidence of Mother Nature’s wrath. Take pictures from every possible angle, pull out the drone and document those hailstone craters with the finesse of a National Geographic photographer. Remember, the more convincing the evidence, the merrier the insurance money!

Timing is Everything:

Remember the old saying, “The early bird catches the worm”? Well, in the insurance game, the early bird gets the hail storm insurance money! Encourage your clients to file their claims promptly. Be their guiding light, urging them to seize the moment and get their piece of the insurance pie. Time is of the essence, and you’re their trusted timekeeper.

Cashing the Check:

Now, here’s where your charisma shines. They will get an insurance check with not just their name, but the mortgage company too! So what to do? The mortgage-insurance tango can be smooth as a glide across the dance floor. All you need is the adjuster’s worksheet, an endorsed check, and a prepaid shipping label back to you. Help your clients quickly find the claims address for their mortgage servicer, which can be found on their mortgage statement or online. FedEx or UPS the package, holding onto the tracking number, and include a prepaid shipping label with your client’s address as both the from and to. This will give them their money faster, putting them on the road to recovery and you in superhero status!


By helping your clients navigate the maze of insurance claims through mortgage companies, you’re proving once again that you’re more than just property matchmakers. You’re the champions of hail storm insurance fiestas, ensuring that your clients reap the financial payback they invested in. This marketing opportunity will shine a spotlight on your expertise, while making your clients sing your praises.


Consult with insurance professionals for specific advice on claims and negotiations. If you need an A-Team insurance person, let me know. We work with Brandon Ridder with Comma Insurance and he is definitely the best there is when it comes to navigating and helping clients with all their homeowners insurance needs.

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