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8 Strategy Conversations To Have With Buyers

Hey, friends! Okay, let’s keep it real. Transaction counts? Yeah, they’re down. Honestly, I feel like I’ve stepped into a time machine and landed back in ’95 with these mortgage purchase applications. But hold on a second. Why am I still grinning ear to ear, apart from the crisp air and pumpkin-spice-everything season? Because THIS, right here, is where legends are born. It’s the playing fields where those who dust themselves off, innovate, and stay tenacious truly thrive.

Now, it’s our time to shine and RISE UP. So, put on your game face, and let’s dive into these eight focused, strategic conversations that can empower both buyers (and sellers) to find success in the coming months. Want to jump in together? Absolutely!

8 Strategic Conversations to Have with Your Buyers Right Now

  1. Define Your ‘Why’. I feel a little Joe Stumpf-ish. But going there anyway. Before anything, ask yourself and your clients… “Why am I in this?” “Why are we buying/selling?” Not just hunting for that dreamy family nook, a savvy investment, or a future launchpad, but buying a place where memories will be made, financial stability secured, or a place to be creative and build a new business. Knowing the motive is half the battle won and an anchor when things get rocky.
  2. Embrace New Horizons. Help your clients broaden that search scope! We saw clients jump to the suburbs now getting called back to work and more urban locations. We are seeing people having to migrate neighborhoods, metros and regions due to affordability. Would they be surprised at the treasures hiding just beyond their usual spots or comfort zone? Plus, change is invigorating, isn’t it?
  3. The Bigger Picture of Real Estate. Owning a property is owning a piece of the world, a ticket to communities, and a gateway to financial growth. Look beyond the immediate pain points and paint a future of opportunity and stability. Sacrifices will be made and I’d rather take mine now and capitalize on the power of time to make it up to me in spades!
  4. The Interest Rate Hustle. Alright, rates are looking a tad high now. But, let’s explore loan programs with a future-focused lens. With flexibility, you might just find a backdoor to some fantastic savings. 2-1 Buydown anyone? How about negotiating a killer deal? How about putting less down than you considered to save liquidity for short term higher expenses or the opposite.. putting more down but getting to the optimal monthly payment? This is where our strategy sessions are crushing right now…
  5. Real Talk Time. You know I’m all for the heart-to-hearts and I love my hugs! But this is the time to break down the challenges and brainstorm the solutions. When you’re prepped for the bumps, and you’ve got a ride-or-die authentic, trustworthy partner, the ride is a lot smoother.
  6. Think Long Haul. Sure, the initial purchase is thrilling, exciting, and…yes, stressful. But where will this purchase (aka sacrifice) take you in 5, 10, 15 years? Chart out that course, and navigate it together. Get in the habit of painting big pictures with lots of emotion. You thought you were a psychologist, now your a painter 😉
  7. Dive into Financing Alternatives. If the usual routes are getting a tad stale, why not shake things up? Most of the deals today take a little more creativity.. so roll up the sleaves and develop more clients by accessing short term rental income to purchase, we can do that! or someone who recently started their own business, let’s use asset depletion, bank statements or just a P&L. How about renovation loans for that great deal? or clients who are credit challenged or little down? Yep, that too! It’s never a no, just a not yet and a strategic plan implemented!
  8. Game On, Positivity On! And finally, wear your positivity like armor. Challenges? They’re just plot twists in our epic story. With determination, creativity, and that unbeatable mindset, the world’s our oyster.

Alright, team, let’s be the heroes of our own stories. This might be a tricky chapter, but guess what? With grit, wit, and a sprinkle of creativity, we’re not just getting through it – we’re gonna rock it! Ready to rise? Let’s RISE UP together! 😉

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