First Time Homebuyer

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting purchases you will make. The Rueth Team is committed to ensuring you find a house that brings you years of joy, stability, and comfort and at a price that works for your needs. Here to guide and educate you every step of the way, we will ensure that you feel ecstatic and confident about your first home!

First-Time Home Buyer

Low Down Payment Loans

The Rueth Team has worked with hundreds of first time homebuyers celebrating with them as they achieve the dream of homeownership. Our team is dedicated to having answers for your every question, as much time as you need and access to the best programs to optimize your success.

Let Us Go To Work For You!

  • Get pre-approved for free – Before you shop for your new home, and get more bargaining power.
  • We guarantee you will close on-time and under-budget!
  • We can match you with a trusted real estate agent. Partnered agents ensure a smooth and fast home-buying experience.
  • Put as little as 3% down or utilize down payment assistance options for no money down.
  • Avoid paying private mortgage insurance (PMI) with lender pain MI

We Are Experts When It Comes To Loan Programs For First-Time Home Buyers!

  • FHA Loan – Purchase your home with only 3.5% down. Closing costs can be a gift from a relative!
  • VA Loan – No down payment, no PMI and flexible credit requirements make the VA Loan a top choice for Veterans and Active Military Members.
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs
  • 30-Year Loan – Our most popular mortgage. Purchase your home with as little as 3%. Get a low payment and the security or a rate that won’t change for the life of the loan.
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